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For athletes who need support and accountability in order to take their performance to the next level. 1:1 coaching is highly recommended for athletes seeking to improve their body composition, athletes that are under-fueling or restricting, and those struggling with mindset or body image.

Custom 1:1 Nutrition Coaching


One-time (60-minute) consultation designed to assess your intake and provide you with immediate action items to improve your performance. 

Ask the Dietitian Sports Consult


A self-paced course for athletes who want to learn about nutrition and how to fuel for performance, but go about it on their own.

Fueling Foundations


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Athlete/Parent Reviews 

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I'm most proud of developing a healthy relationship with food and feeling comfortable in my own skin 


I'm fueling my bodyand feel 100x better. I feel like a completely different person physically and mentally - and I love it!


I've struggled with weight almost my whole life. I'm up 23 lbs since working with Pivot. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


Learning how to properly fuel myself helped me immensely in being able to get the energy I need for my sport.


I was struggling to put on weight and felt very lethargic. The biggest difference is how I feel and my performance on the ice.


I can easily make a good meal for myself knowing what I need, such as carbs and protein. I feel better 24/7!

Want to get a peak behind the curtains of how we approach nutrition with our athletes?  Listen in on our conversation as we answer - rapid fire style - questions we've been asked when it comes to sports nutrition. 

You'll hear from Dani and co-coach Paige in Episode 5 of But First, Pivot. 

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