FAQs - 1:1 Coaching

How long do people typically stay in the Pivot program?

Lifestyle change, sustainable fat loss and improving health markers takes time. The majority of clients will typically graduate from our 1:1 program between 9-12 months. Most clients initially start with a 6-month commitment, and often add 3-6 additional months to ensure they cross the finish line and can maintain their results long term.

Do you take insurance?

Pivot Nutrition Coaching is a fee-for-service provider and does not accept insurance or process insurance on behalf of its clients.  Where applicable, we can provide an itemized invoice or Superbill at the conclusion of services rendered. It is your responsibility to submit this document to your insurance provider. 
We accept HSA and FSA, as well as all major credit cards. Payment plans are available.

Do I pick my own dietitian coach?

We currently have 8 dietitians at Pivot Nutrition Coaching. The goal of the Discovery Call is to determine which dietitian coach is the best fit for you based on your goals, availability and personality. Ideally, this coach will be with you throughout your journey. In your coaching application, you can request to work with a specific dietitian.

Can you order functional testing? (hormones, stool, hair)

Comprehensive testing (Dutch, GI Map, HTMA) may be ordered by our providers upon assessment. Please note that these tests are not included in 1:1 coaching, and the cost per test varies. Please email dani@danitherd.com for questions about comprehensive lab testing.

What does 1:1 coaching include?

  • An individualized approach to achieving your goals
  • 30-minute coaching calls as often as every week 
  • Messaging access with your dietitian coach between calls
  • Access to our private app where you'll receive direct feedback from your coach
  • Access to over 200 healthy recipes
  • Access to BONUS educational videos on emotional eating, eating out, breaking plateaus, etc.
  • Exercise recommendations